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I recently bought a Raspberry PI HQ camera. I am always mesmerized by the sunsets in London. Therefore my first ever project with the Raspberry PI HQ was to try and create a beautiful time-lapse with the Raspberry PI HQ.

Lense options with the Raspberry PI HQ

When you buy the Raspberry PI HQ camera module, it doesn’t come with a lens.

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Photo by Jainath Ponnala on Unsplash

I run Docker for everything in the Raspberry PI, so I wanted to be able to access the PI camera inside Docker. Not as straightforward as I thought, so to help anyone who might want to do the same, I am documenting all the steps that I had to follow to get the PI Camera to work inside Docker in the Raspberry PI.

Setting up Rsync

In order to copy any code changes from my Macbook PRO directly into the Raspberry PI, I set up a Rsync job. I do this to make sure that I can develop as efficiently as possible.

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My 2020 late new year resolution is to build a wildlife camera with a Raspberry PI, Python, a PI camera, Tensorflow, OpenCV, and who knows what else. It is going to be an awesome camera!

But first I have to set up a development environment to work with.

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I am a great believer that for you to learn, you need to create. And to create you need to have fun!

First I want to give you a background on why I am trying to build a wildlife camera with a Raspberry Pi.

I live in London and my garden gets visited often by local wildlife. It is so often, that as an avid gardener I get a bit annoyed. Broken plant pots, plants dug out, missing plants, missing fruits...

In my garden, I have seen small foxes, the cutest foxes that you could ever see, big foxes, cats(not mine), and birds. …

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Photo by ZMorph Multitool 3D Printer

I recently recorded a four-part video series for my Youtube channel on how I attempted to create a 3D model out of a photo, using Python, Numpy, and Google Colab.

For this programming, I relied on the Numpy STL library which can create 3D models using “simple” Numpy arrays.

Why I did it

I am a 3D Printing enthusiast so I set myself a challenge to use this library to create a 3D model of a photo that, when printed in translucent white is called a Lithophane. There are a few tools available to do this without any coding. …

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Photo by Petter Lagson on Unsplash

I recently set up a VPN with 2-Factor Authentication using the Community Edition of OpenVPN and using Google’s standard authenticator. I am writing this article to save you time and effort because this was not straightforward.

Most guides I found on the internet, if not all, talk about using a PAM plugin to extend OpenVPN with 2 Step Authentication. Not only is this plugin difficult to install because of Linux library dependencies, but most importantly it requires a real Unix user for each VPN account you need to setup. …

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Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

You are considering one of the biggest changes in your life. You want to become a software developer. Should you quit, your job and start learning straight away?

The answer to the question above depends a lot on your situation in life. But 99.99% of us shouldn’t quit our jobs just yet, and I will show you that you don’t need to, to succeed in becoming a software developer. At least not straight away.

Which leads us to my most important tip.

Tip 1 — Learning Software Development is a Marathon — not a race

The reason why I don’t encourage you to quit your job straight away is that becoming a Software Developer takes time and effort. …

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Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

Is it True or False that in Python or any other programming language Booleans are the most important thing you will learn?

If True:
then you must read this article to learn more about Booleans.

then leave immediately and read something else.

Let's debug the code above.

Premise) Booleans are the most important language constructs in Python or any other programming language.

In this article I am going to teach you about Booleans, the most important data type in Python or any other programming language.

It is so important that when you look into the detail of how information is stored on a computer it is mind-blowing! …

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Photo by Ihor Dvoretskyi on Unsplash

This is a very practical tutorial. I am not going to dwell on why microservices are here to stay and why Kubernetes is a beast to set up. I am going to cut it straight to the core. You have come here for a solution to your problem, and I am going to give you one.

You are probably reading this article because your organisation is using or decided to use Kubernetes.

But you or your development team is complaining because it is hard to develop locally without wasting time with deployments(docker build, docker push, kubectl rollout, etc). What is meant to be a one-liner code change, takes several minutes to test??? …

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Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Lists are the single most used data structure in Python. It is crucial that you learn it well, as lists are used pretty much everywhere in Python programs that you will come across. If there is a topic in Python you will want to spend time on, List is the ONE

What is a list?

A list is a special data structure in Python that is used to store collections in a determined order. A list can change over time(mutable). Python lists are written using square brackets notation. Like everything else in Python, a list is an object.

How to create a list

Let’s look at some examples on how you can define a…


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